NHNA and You

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NHNA has nurse volunteers with mentoring backgrounds and a wide variety of expertise to share – eager to be of assistance. We view "Mentoring" as a continuum from being available to answer a brief question or point out possible resources – to more regular interaction by email or phone – to actual job shadowing and / or longer term connection.
Some of the situations for which you may find this site helpful include:

  • Are you struggling in your first job?
  • Considering going back to school for that next degree?
  • Not sure if you want to change specialties?
  • Want an objective opinion handling a difficult colleague interaction?
  • Need use some help figuring out work-life balance?

Talk to the nurses who've "been there".

At this time we are not requiring NHNA membership for access to our cadre of 'coaches' – but we do invite and encourage you to become a member of ANA and NHNA – now just $15 a month! See the many reasons to belong here.

This section of the website is provided by the New Hampshire Nurses Association (NHNA) as a vehicle for networking purposes only. The information provided by our volunteers are the opinions of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the NHNA. The NHNA takes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of information shared as a result of using this service.