UNH Poll on Medicaid Reauthorization

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Medicaid is a federal program that provides health insurance to individuals who meet certain requirements based on things like income, age, and children. In 2014, the New Hampshire legislature expanded Medicaid to allow more low-income individuals to qualify for the program and this year, the New Hampshire legislature will vote on whether to reauthorize Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. In a poll of likely Granite State Voters (the Granite State Poll, conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center)
  • Only 9% say they have heard a great deal about it, a quarter (25%) have heard a moderate amount, 32% have heard only a little, 34% have heard nothing at all, and 1% don't know or are unsure. Democrats (45%) are more likely than Republicans (28%) or Independents (25%) to say they have heard a great deal or a moderate amount about this issue.
  • Among those who have heard at least a little about reauthorizing Medicaid expansion (N=369), a majority (59%) somewhat (42%) or strongly (16%) support it, while only 14% strongly (9%) or somewhat (6%) oppose it; 4% are neutral and 23% don't know or are unsure. More than four in five Democrats (81%) and a slight majority of Independents (55%) support reauthorization while Republicans are more divided (37% support, 28% oppose) benefits. 
  • More than half (54%) of Granite Staters say they would strongly (37%) or somewhat (17%) support New Hampshire adopting a similar requirement for Medicaid recipients; a quarter (25%) strongly (19%) or somewhat (7%) would oppose this change, 3% are neutral, and 18% don't know or are unsure. Republicans (74%) and Independents (64%) are far more likelythan Democrats (34%) to somewhat or strongly support adopting such a Medicaid policy in New Hampshire.