HB 242 is AN ACT relative to the definition of e-cigarette and the sale of tobacco products.

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HB 242 is AN ACT relative to the definition of e-cigarette and the sale of tobacco products.

Introduction: HB 242 is a bill that changes the definition of e-cigarettes to provide that the device may or may not contain nicotine. This amends RSA 126-K:2 changing the wording from “vapor of pure nicotine.” It also adds e-cigarettes to the list of products defined as “tobacco products.”

History: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) also called personal vaporizers, vape pens, e-cigars, e-hookah, or vaping devices are devices, often resembling cigarettes, cigars or pipes, designed to deliver nicotine or related substances to users through inhalation or smoking. From 2011-2014, pass 30 day use of e-cigarettes increased nine-fold for high school students in the U.S. (1.5% to 13.4%).

In 2014, the rate of e-cigarette use among high school students was higher than for conventional cigarettes (13.4% and 9.2%, respectively). The American Academy of Family Physicians warns that E-cigarettes are a gateway to nicotine addiction. There is a lack of clinical research on how e-cigarettes impact the health and safety of users. Under current NH Law the sale of e-cigarettes to minors is prohibited.

NHNA’s Commission on Government Affairs is in favor of the passage of HB 242, as presented at the Legislative Town Hall Forum on January 26.

An initial hearing on this bill was held on January 19. An Executive Session hearing was held on January 25.

This bill was PASSED, as amended, in the House on 2/9/17, with 197 votes in favor and 98 opposed.  Bill moved to Senate Commerce Committee on 2/22/17.

A Senate hearing on this bill was held on 5/2/17 and the Committee on Commerce & Consumer Affairs voted the bill ought not to pass, determining it inexpedient to legislate.  On 5/11/17 the bill FAILED TO PASS in the Senate.