Nursing Specialty Career Options

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There are many specialty areas to choose from once you have your degree in nursing. Check out the ones below:

Specialty Organization
Ambulatory Care Nurses
Nurses treat patients of all ages in an outpatient setting.
Clinical Nurse Specialists
Advanced practice nurses who provide expert clinical care to patients, facilitate research to improve patients outcomes and are often responsible for staff nurse education.
Critical Care Nurses
Nurses treat critically ill or injured patients.
Emergency Nurses
Nurses treat patients, in emergency rooms, who require immediate and often life-saving care.
Holistic Nursing
Home Health Nurses
Provide care to patients of all ages in their place of residence.
Long Term Care

Medical/Surgical Nurses
Treat patients in a hospital, before and after surgery and patients who require treatment of acute medical problems requiring hospitalization.
Nurse Anesthetists
Nurses who administer anesthesia to patients during surgical and non-surgical procedure.

Nurse Executive
Nurses who are members of the senior leadership team of an organization.
Nurse Midwives
Provide primary prenatal, labor and delivery, and post-natal care to female patieents.
Nurse Practitioners
Nurses with advanced education and clinical training who provide primary care to patients
Oncology Nurses
Nurses caring for patients with cancer.
Operating Room Nurses
Nurses who assist surgeons and care for patients throughout a surgical procedure.

Orthopedic Nurses
Nurses caring for patients with skeletal deformities or injuries.
Pediatric Nurses
Nurses caring for children with illness or injuries
Perianesthesia Nurses
Nurses caring for patients immediately before and after surgical procedures.
Psychiatric Nurses
Nurses caring for patients with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders.
School Nurses
Nurses tending to the medical needs of children while they are in school.
Women's Health, Obstetrics & Neonatal